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  • Singing is my JAM. even if I am not that good.

  • I dance too:) Belly Dance preferably! You’d be amazed at the empowerment you find in the minor body articulations you achieve!

  • I am a total DP or big red kind of a girl. But I’ll take a pink drink refresher from Starbucks any day over a soda!

  • You can catch me wandering the parks or taking a drive to the beach on a whim just exploring because I feel most grounded when i am in nature.

  • my style is bohemian or retro 70’s when it comes time to spiff it up a bit! But you’ll usually catch me in black leggings, a t-shirt, my glasses, and a mom bun.

I am a mother, a girlfriend, and a photographer servicing Houston Tx and surrounding areas.

My work is tailored to each unique story of every client. your not only getting just a photographer, but a friend who adores human interaction and the true honest emotion with every laugh, hug, tear shed, or stroke of touch. I believe in adventurous souls and the intimate value that we all possess. I crave to draw out that emotion artistically into each session and I thrive on the soulful moments of life that we are able to soak in.

I have two amazing kiddos.

My daughter Jadaa who is a fierce and wild soul. She is kind and tender with a deep fiery passion within. My son Maddox just a little tike right now, but already growing so fast in front of our eyes.

And I wouldn’t be a mom without my amazing boyfriend Jorge. We have been together since high school and with his love and support I am able to do photography.

Motherhood is my JAMMMM.

MY FAM.jpg

I would be nothing if i did not have my family.

Why Birth and motherhood?

I feel that every mom has a choice and the options are truly endless. No two births are the same just as no two moms.

Every birth- every story is different and that is the beauty, I myself have experience two hospital births and plan on a natural home or birthing center birth for my third - years to come of course!- throughout my love for birth i have discovered so many options i never knew existed, my second son has opened the world of breastfeeding for me and i adore every single moment just as he adores every single drop!!

I have a medical background where I studied two years and worked in the medical field for over three years. I am familiar with many medical terminologies and processes and procedures.

motherhood is my reason to flourish in photography; I specialize in birth and motherhood sessions but also offer other services including family, children, couples, small weddings or elopements.


Hit that button up above and lets talk ideas, visions, and more! I am open for a limited amount of births and fresh 48 sessions throughout the year. So once you know I am the right fit for your team - don’t hesitate to get in contact ASAP!