Investing into me as your photographer…


Motherhood means the world to me. Capturing these special moments for you fill my soul. Just knowing I can use my creative eye to capture moments that are fleeting fast sings to my heart. I leave each session feeling overwhelmed with joy.


Selecting a birth photographer is a huge deal. You are not only just hiring a professional photographer but adding a member to your birth team. As your birth photographer I am there to support you and your birthing wishes as I document an indescribable day to forever hold dear.

Lets talk numbers


Simple Birth collection

  • complimentary 30 min maternity session with no less than 35 edited image +option to upgrade to a full gallery or 1 hr session

  • 24/7 on call service at 37 weeks gestation until baby is born!

  • Photographic coverage from active labor (approx 6 cm dilation) up till 1-2 hrs postpartum for all those amazing first moments of meeting your little babe!

  • no less than 75 hand picked and hand crafted images + option to purchase full birth gallery

Investment $1,129 + tax

Installment options are available with a retainer fee of $300 due at booking


Ultimate Birth Collection

Maternity + Birth + Newborn

This ultimate package covers it all! You get all the same perks of a simple birth collection + more! No add on fee’s here you get it all!!

  • Complimentary 1 hr maternity session with no less than 65 edited image + (1) 5x7 print from your session

  • on call 24/7 at 37 weeks gestation until baby is born!

  • Photographic coverage from active labor (approx 6 cm dilation) up till 1-2 hrs postpartum for all those amazing first moments of meeting your little babe!

  • No less than 150+ edited images from your birth story ( no upgrading this is all inclusive if I edit 200 you'll get those as well!

  • (5) 5x7 prints of your choosing from your gallery

  • 8 x 8 - 20 page spread heirloom album (can be combined with maternity birth and newborn photos) -images of your choosing or I can put the album together FOR YOU! :)

  • 30 min complimentary in home newborn lifestyle OR postpartum empowerment shoot within the first two weeks of baby's life.

Investment $1,449 + tax

Installment options are available and a retainer of $350 at time of booking.

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Add On's

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Fresh 48 / newborn


Fresh 48 are done within the first 48 hours of baby’s arrival earth side at the place of birth. Home, hospital, or birth centers can booked!

Newborn sessions are lifestyle only- no props- takes place in your home and within the first 2 weeks of baby being born.




30 min session

30 edited images + option to upgrade gallery


1 - 1.5 hr session

no less than 75 edited images

(1) 5x7 print of your choosing to hang for baby shower and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

what is birth photography?

Such a great question! Birth photography is not just the “crowning” shot. In fact sometimes I don’t get that on request by the birthing mom!! Birth photography is the documentation of your baby’s big day! I photograph labor (usually around 6-7 cm dilation), delivery, and postpartum moments after baby has arrived earth side for all those sweet first snuggles! Anything that helps tell the story of your birthing experience. I will document the love and connection between you and your partner as you breath through surges or contractions. That moment as baby transitions from one world to the next during delivery. As well as feet print, measurements, first latch, skin to skin, and more!

When should I book?

I take on a limited amount of birth stories a year. So booking ASAP will guarantee your story can be photographed! This will also give you more time to pay on the birth collection and make for ease! Once you know I am the right fit for your birth team, head over to that form above and send me a message!

What is the booking process like?

First things first we will discuss your estimated due date and my availability. If all things work for both ends we can move forward with a phone, in person, or email consultation. We can discuss package options and a bit more on how it all works! I will require your email to send a contract with loads of details on how to call when to update me, when to expect me to arrive and much more. In the contract you will also fill out a questionnaire. This form will give me detailed information as to the people who will be present during the birth, location addresses, phone numbers, past pregnancy information, and more. This will also cover what type of shots or views you are wanting. Some of mamma’s want those special fleeting moments documented but find they are more modest than others- THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY!! I can document with creative angles to still capture those big and small moments without overly exposing what you are comfortable with!

You will receive two emails from me one with the contact/questionnaire and a second with your invoice and payment break down.

What if I am giving birth at a hospital? Home? Birth center?

Hospital, home, birth center - I am your girl! I have photographed births at all of these types of locations. Just because you aren’t having a home birth does not mean your day is less worthy of documenting it with artistic pictures!

Having an epidural? NO PROBLEM! I am still your girl to document such an amazing and transitional time in your life. Birth photography does not mean you have to be at home doing it all natural. Anyone can hire a birth photographer!

What all do you share on social media?

Some images are considered to be more graphic or revealing. Of those I only share what you are comfortable with! If an image does not seem revealing or graphic I will share those as per contract agreement. When I deliver your images you will receive a second email that asks you to select photographs that you would be comfortable with me sharing! Normalizing birth is slowly in the makes - however I understand this is a special intimate moment for you and your family and a lot of families do not want some of those images to be shared.

*** $200 - Discount is available for birth sessions who are okay with FULL sharing of all and every image. ***

How long does it take to see my photos?

Within the first week after the birth I will send a handful of images for sharing! This may happen over email, Facebook messenger, or text! You can save and share these images as you please! You can then expect the remaining birth story gallery within 4-6 weeks and will be delivered via a private online gallery in which your high-resolution images can be downloaded! You will be able to make additional product purchases from the website as well!

What if you miss the birth?

Birth is very unpredictable. I have had moms who went from 7 to 10 cm in 10 minutes! If by some unforeseen chance I do not make the birth and arrive after the baby has been born I will stay for those postpartum moments and the remaining funds are transferred to a newborn sessions (fresh 48 option). I can either stay longer and keep documenting after labor or return in a few days to do an in hospital family session OR meet up at your home in the first two weeks to do a new born session. You will also get an addition session of your choice (digital’s only) to make up for such a big moment missed!

What if labor takes a long time?

It’s part of the job! I have arrived at birth where mom delivered in the next 42 min and I have been at births where I was there for 8+ hours. Every birth is different! When labor is exceeding the longer lengths I will excuse myself from the birthing space and stay close by- at that time I usually ask a family member to get in contact with me if any major changes or updates happen. I do not go off the premises until labor has reached 16 hours. At that time I will go home with my phone volume up and await a call from you or your family members that things have changed! (of course this is for hospitals within 45 min of my house. - anything further I will stay in the area and rest in the car!) I have not missed a birth yet and my goal is to never miss one!!

What if I have a planned cesarean?

I am still your girl! Speaking with your provider about having a photographer present is the first and foremost step to getting me into the operating room. There are many times that hospitals do not allow photographers in the OR. I have moms who still hire me knowing my presence in the OR may not be allowed. In these instances I arrive before the planned surgery time to document prep and family connections, I await in the waiting area -still documenting, and grab post surgery moments as well. Really stressing to your OB how important this moment is for you might get them on board with allowing a photographer in the room!

Can we meet before the birth?

ABSOLUTELY! My simple birth package comes with a maternity session- but we can plan for a date or time to focus on nothing but the birth story details. We can go over any and all questions you may have! If an in person consultation can’t be arranged we can set a time and day to chat over the phone/face time as well! This is an absolutely wonderful and easy way to get to known one another before deciding if I am the right fit for your birth team!

What if my planned vaginal birth ends up being an emergency c-section?

Depending on the hospital and providers I may or may not be allowed back in the operating room. If an emergency C-section arises I am more than happy to hand Dad my camera with automatic setting ready to go and all he would need to do is point focus and shoot! I then will have a few images I can still artistically hand edit and deliver! I will hang around and after the operation will be and there for those special postpartum moments of snuggles and meeting your baby!

Are you always available to book births? Or do you have times that aren’t open?

I like to be as open as possible when I have my own family outings, trips, or classes to take. I make a point to book any vacations or travel far in advance so that I can let my inquiring moms know. I have back up birth photographers in place in the instance you do want to book me with the possibility I will be out of town. In that circumstance. The back up photographer would snap or shoot the birth session and I would edit the images and deliver them.

Do you offer payment plans?

DEFINITELY. With such a big investment I don’t expect you to pay all up front! Birth photography is a total luxury. With a payment plan you can set up a price that works with your budget or pay on it as you go! When you book a birth session your family takes priority over mine- this means leaving my own children at a moments notice, having on call child care in place whether it be 2 am or 2 pm, leaving my day job,or other income, and more.

If you have extenuating circumstances to where you cannot pay the final balance please let me know as soon as possible and we will see what we can figure out.  Payment plans that are set up for beyond your session date will result in a delay of delivery. Once a session is completed, editing is finished, and all payments are officially made images will be released.

A non-refundable retainer is due at time of booking and remaining balance is due by 37 weeks gestation.

Unfortunately, yes, the state of Texas requires that photographers charge sales tax on the services they provide.  You will see this added into your invoice.

Do I have to pay tax?

The birth of your little one is indescribable.

It is a moment of excitement and transition.

A monumental experience and a life changing event.

“There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it.”

— Sheryl Feldman

Hiring me to capture that special day means more than just hiring a photographer. You are getting a mother herself and a visual storyteller who is passionate about birth and all things motherhood.

I am there to tell you and your baby’s unique story in a captivating and emotive way. I have an unparalleled style of capturing fleeting moments so that when you look back on these photographs you will feel the emotions you felt that day.

You will taste the meal you had after delivering your little bundle into this world. You will remember the tears you cried holding that fresh little babe in your arms for the very first time. You will hear that soft subtle music that resonated in the background as you labored through each contraction or your partners soft kiss on your forehead telling you “you did it”.


Birth stories include home births, birthing centers, in hospital, or via cesarean.

I pride myself on being able to respectfully navigate the birthing space along side the rest of the birth team.